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lesson on the term “footy”

Just a followup to the post below…the term “footy” is used a lot here and I thought it just meant Australian Rules Football, but apparently I was wrong.  Here is wikipedia’s take on the National Usage difference between all the sports/leagues with the term Football in it:

Within Australia the term “football” is ambiguous and can mean up to four different codes of football in Australian English, depending on the context, geographical location and cultural factors; this includes Australian rules footballrugby leagueassociation football and rugby union.  The most common usage of the word among the people is between the former two. In the states of VictoriaWestern AustraliaSouth Australia and Tasmania football commonly means the Australian rules football variant with their league the Australian Football League, the slang term footy is also used in an unofficial context, while in these states the two rugby football codes are called rugby.

There is a different situation in New South Wales (where Sydney is located)Queensland and ACT, where rugby league is most popular and known as just leaguefootball or the slang footy instead and Australian rules football is known as AFLAustralian football or Aussie rules, while rugby union is known as rugby, “union” and also simply football or footy.


So yea, maybe I need to get down the terminology before I can understand the rules of the game.  And maybe all of my conversations should start with “Now where are u from?” and not “Hello,nice to meet you”

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