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and away i go

Saturday has turned in to my sightseeing day.  After a busy busy week of work it was nice to turn off for a few hours and head in to the city to meet up with a friend.  While I have yet to get back in to my running ways during the week I believe I have made up for it while exploring on the two Saturdays.

The train station is about 2.5km away (1.5miles for those of you not on the metric system), and there are 3 rather large hills along the way.    St. Ives (the neighborhood in which i live) reminds me of San Francisco in the rainforest.  It is on the outskirts of “the bush” and full of ups and downs.

So I walked to the train station and I headed in to the city to meet my friend in Paddington to go through some markets and get some lunch.  The train doesn’t go directly to Paddington so I had to walk to and from Kings Cross (i was told i was not allowed to go there back in 2006 as only trouble happens there at night – a la PB in San Diego).  Afterwards I did some food shopping at Coles (much more expensive than Kohl’s!) then hopped back on the train and walked home from there in the mist.

Although it was a rather overcast day it was pretty good.  Got to hang out with another American my age who lives in Bondi!  Can’t wait for the summer to get here so I can take advantage of that.   Paddington is a rather “posh” shopping district with pretty high-class stores surrounded by some pubs.  So we caught an AFL/”footy” game while we had some lunch and ran in to a “stag” (bachelor) party as well.  Or at least we thought it was a stag party as one of the guys was wearing a tiara & fairy wings (Halloween costume idea guys?)

Also ran across this as I walked back to the train:

Look who I found in Paddington today!! (2 N's!)

a better view...

BTW the American B team lost to the Aussies yesterday in the World Cup, we face Italy on Tuesday, so get your tv’s set, it should be a good game!

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