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Aussie to NY?

Today was full of trying to find new business contacts, meeting with the Chamber of Business, putting together corporate hospitality packets and researching security and ticket booth rentals, amongst other various projects.  By the end of the day the GM was about to build the booth himself, which was a pretty entertaining conversation.

However my favorite part of the day was my ride home where I spoke with my Aussie colleague who has been in the states for the past 6 months working in Myrtle Beach for the Texas Rangers A affiliate.  We spoke about driving on the different side of the road (when he told me that he still had to get used to the left side, =/), about the different way to market to a tourist location and how he probably wants to go back and venture to the Northeast.  I will have him sold on New York by the end of the season!

He also taught me a new word: Bogan – which means redneck or townie.  The ballpark is located in Western Sydney and about 45 minutes outside of the CBD, so there are a lot of bogans or westies.

Also a tidbit from the weekend that trickled in to the work week.  We were wrapping up baked potatoes this weekend to heat up for dinner in:

Aluminum or Aluminium?...that is the question

I was asked how i said this and said A-loom-i-num, correct right?  Well apparently no…the Aussies say A-loom-i-knee-um.  If I hadn’t had this discussion I would have been lost in a 5 minutes conversation at work today about A-LOOM-I-KNEE-UM security booths.

This is the ultimate Caramel/Carmel conundrum in Australia.

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