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Twilight Zone

So Daylights Savings Times is almost upon us down here in New South Wales, Australia.  This weekend we will be “Springing Ahead” early Sunday morning.  So for all of those keeping track starting Saturday October 1st at noon stateside I will be 15 hours ahead of you, so 3am on Sunday morning in Sydney.

Then…to be even more confusing when the U.S. has Daylights Savings Time in early November you will “fall back” and then I will be 16 hours ahead, so yes just like that I go from only 14 hours ahead to 15, to 16 all within 4 weeks.  Just when you were getting use to the math, BAM they go and change it on you.

Another little tidbit…Adelaide, which is located in Southern Australia:

More for Bridget than anyone else...


is just 30 minutes (aka half an hour) behind Sydney! ….whoever came up with this whole time system must have been having some grog while they planned it.

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