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March Madness in September?

At least that’s how it felt to me yesterday.  It was a great day to be a baseball fan! Two wildcard races down to the last day, 4 teams within both leagues involved, home-field advantage & a batting title up for grabs.  Everyone was saying it was the most exciting day of regular season baseball and I have to admit I agree – with late-game comebacks, extra innings, plays at the plate and walk-off homers/hits included. Here’s a little timeline that MLB put together: click here.

It was made even better that we are all at the ballpark working, because we were able to watch MLB.TV and see the wild finishes to both the Red Sox, Rays and Braves games.  St. Louis was the only team that made it boring by blowing out the Astros (the only team with 100+ losses this season).  Really some unbelievable stuff and hopefully showed some people, that baseball is a great and entertaining game!

One of the only blemishes of the day came at CitiField (no wonder i know!).  While Jose Reyes won the batting title over Ryan Braun with his .337 average he lost a lot of the Mets faithful respect.  60 years ago to the day Ted Williams finished the season with a .406 BA after going 6 for 8 in a Double Header on the last day of the season.  Jose Reyes bowed out in the bottom of the first inning after “lacing” a bunt single up the third base line.  Poor Justin Turner heard the boos when he was put in as a pinch-runner and Reyes still had a chance to lose the batting title to Braun if Ryan went 3-4 in his own game.

To me this was just an act of selfishness in most likely his last day in a Mets uniform.  People pay money to come see, in my opinion, the most dynamic guy in baseball and the crowd of just over 26,000 surely got jipped.  He said he did it for the DR…how about the fans that have stuck with you over 8 years and your endless amounts of injuries?

Now while the playoffs begin this weekend it is also the Grand Finals of the AFL and NRL (for those of you keeping score that is footy and rugby) on Sunday.  Let’s see if they can beat the excitement level of yesterday…

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