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we’re not in America anymore…

The weather has been pretty overcast the past couple of days so instead of heading in to the city for the day I decided to go to the mall.  I needed to pick up some odds and ends so I hopped the train and headed in to Westfield Chatswood  (all malls here are Westfields, and there are a ton of them along the train lines).

Target has arrived in OZ!! Yayy, so although the brands are different they are a ton cheaper than any other store in the mall.  Living in New York DID NOT prepare me for the land down under.  It is truly ridiculous how expensive everything is.  The Vitamin Water is just a taste of everything else.  I will never complain about prices ever again.  But anywho I bought some things for work and then headed over to the Fresh Food Market where I bought some cheaper food in the Chinese market.

Then I ventured to Rebel Sports -a store very similar to Modell’s- except you can find this there:

no, these are not colorful footballs

and this:

Cricket World takes up about 1/4 of the store

Cricket World takes up about 1/4 of the store


The guys in Marine Park would kill for this selection:

Now watching the AFL Grand Final while the U.S. sport is rained out….score is currently 73-71 Geelong in the 3rd quarter, no one can complain about lack of scoring in this sport.

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