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Not just Tim Tam’s

Most people are aware that I am not one to “try new things” when it comes to most foods.  I would be perfectly fine with peanut butter and jelly, cereal or chicken for every single meal.  However, even though Australia isn’t exactly a totally different world it definitely has different ethnic cuisines and even brands.  One of the things I wish I had packed was Heinz ketchup (no mom this does not mean to send some).

I know back in 2006 when i first came here I learned that they feel ketchup is “tomato sauce” which is more like a cold condiment with a tomato soup consistency (sounds delicious doesn’t it?).  There is no Heinz or even Hunt’s (no thank you Russell Dining Hall) to be found.  Even the bbq sauce has the same type of consistency and it is quite upsetting.

However back to different ethnic foods.  The family I am staying with have lived in Texas, Argentina, Singapore and now Australia so they tend to cook various different meals, including a lot of Asian influenced foods.  And I have to say I kind of like it all.  I still may never venture in to eating a full fish (with bone in), but I will try new things and continue to “become an adult” as they say.

I am also trying to get hot dogs and french fries to the stadium instead of “sausages and hot chips,” but it’s been a slow process.  Harris Farm Markets = Trader Joe’s, success!


Just had to leave you with this image

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