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NYC 1…Sydney 0

Today was a little different, instead of going out to the ballpark for the day I headed in to the city for meeting.  Next week we are having our big media launch for the Blue Sox, which includes some words from the GM, coach and some of the players.   This will all coincide with the premiere of the movie Moneyball here in Australia.

So this morning I had a meeting with Sony Entertainment who will be hosting the event next Friday along with the PR consultant of the ABL.  I took the train in to the CBD and I made sure to get in early so I could find the ABL offices were I was meeting the consultant.  Since I got in about 45 minutes early (shocking I know), I headed over to Starbucks for a coffee and to check some emails.  The sign when I walked in was “With the start of Spring we welcome you to try our Caramel Macchiato.”  It automatically made me sad because all I really want is a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and then my all time favorite, the Peppermint Mocha in Winter  =(.

So since my favorite option was not available I went for a Tall Flat White.  For all of you non-Aussies that is basically a plain coffee.  Living in San Diego for a year allowed me to cope with the no Dunkin Donuts option, and luckily I am not dependent on coffee, however that treat every now and again will definitely be missed.

P.S.- the Wifi wasn’t working, so NY may get an additional half a point for that…

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