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Things are a-movin’

First off…Congrats to the Texas Rangers for a big win today!  Today was a very hectic day and I found out about the game about 5 hours after it ended when one of the NSW (New South Wales) Baseball Guys came up to the office and said “Texas came back and won it!”  I didn’t even know they were ever behind.  Kind of happy the Mets had no shot at the playoffs because I would have no shot in watching anything this week.

But back to my day…started at 1am after some strategic planning for a promotional appearance with the help of some ABL interns, and is ending right about now at 11pm with this blog.  Had my first crash course in media events this week and I have learned I do not want to pursue this for a career, haha.  You can only call so many people (yes mom I actually called over 150 strangers and spoke to them this week) and hope that they will come to their event, but you can’t force them to show up.  We had a decent showing and in the end we were happy.  You learn from it and move on, expect to see some stuff on the Sydney Blue Sox website soon with some content from the event… http://www.sydneybluesox.com.au

Myself and the GM then drove out to the ballpark in Blacktown

Some of the guys training under the lights last night


and arrived around 2:30pm.  First preseason game is tomorrow and there is sooo much to do, but we’re in good shape.  I had to send out the Press Release & Media Kit to all the press members that did not come to the event.  Once again I am writing content for Press Releases and Websites, who is this “accountant” with a sudden ability (I use that term verrryyyy loosely more like need), to write.  After that was completed I set up some interviews for players and journalists and then helped out with some ballpark ops things we have going on.

Got home around 9pm and we are headed back out to the ballpark for 8:30am.  Tomorrow is a special day!  Check back later for more details.  O and everyone should go see Moneyball…great book & movie!  Event Wednesday night was a success & I’m thinking all movie theatres (Aussie spelling) should have waitresses bring the popcorn directly to you in your seat =)

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  1. Tracy Berran
    October 21, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    This is all so exciting!! I love reading the daily blogs, so keep it up if you can. Sounds like some amazing experiences!! Take care, love you 🙂

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