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My new favorite aussie term.

While I find myself saying/thinking “bloody,” “i reckon” (instead of I think, i believe..etc.), and “grog” I probably say “no worries” more than anything.  I was never one to use it that much back home, Bridget definitely did, so now I will fit in with my family once I get back, yay!  But anyway, this weekend I have heard my new favorite term about 500 times.  I first came across it when the AGM sent me an email about a month ago and signed off “Ta, Rob.”  I didn’t think much of it, but now I couldn’t miss it.

This past Friday we helped out the Canberra Cavalry by working the “gate” at our second preseason game.  The event was held at a neutral site, the Gilchrist Oval in Campbelltown, NSW.  It is about 30 minutes south of Rooty Hill (where the Blue Sox play) and about an hour south of where I live on the Northern Shore, also 2 hours north of Canberra.  Think of a small country town baseball field with no seating, not even bleachers, and people can park up on the hill behind homeplate.

It was an interesting place to have a ballgame as there was limited parking, but it was part of the efforts of the ABL to bring baseball to the country and spread the word around.  We had over 600 people attend and the game ended in a 7-7 tie (Bud Selig must have had something to do with that).  So it was a great turnout for a pre-season game.

So the Blue Sox front office went down and 4 of us worked the “gate” which basically just outside parking area with some caution cones.  We made sure everyone that entered paid the price of admission and I have never had so many people “ta me.”  If you haven’t figured it out by now it’s the shortened version of “thank you.”

Now it’s time to get some rest as it’s back to work tomorrow to get ready for Friday night’s season opener against the Aces!  Wish us luck.


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