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Public Holidays

We all know the American classics: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day… These days come around and most of us get a day off from work, and for the most part they are pretty spread out throughout the year and then Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are all bundled at the end.  However wouldn’t it be nice to have one day when most of the country shuts down to watch sport?!?

Today is Melbourne Cup day and I have been hearing about it since the day I landed.  With Opening Day being Friday everyone was worried that our big week would be overshadowed by Melbourne Cup.  It took a couple of moments for me to determine that it was a Horse Race.  The U.S. has the Triple Crown, Australia has Melbourne Cup.  I was told a $1B bet was probably placed today, pretty absurd!

The city of Melbourne is actually shut down on this day and all they do is drink.  This is why I believe St. Patrick’s Day should be the most revered holiday and should be made in to a Federal holiday.  I mean who is really waiting on their doorstep on march 17th for a piece of mail anyway?

At 3:20pm today we all got up from our desks to watch this one 2 mile race, in which the trainer took home $6.2M.  It lasted about 3-4 minutes and it took another 5 for them to announce the winner, Dunaden, as it was the closest finish in the 151 years of the race.

I do feel like I missed out on some Australian culture though, I mean Kim Kardashian was there probably earning a million or two, the least I could have done is cracked open a cold VB.


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