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Rain Rain Go Away

Ah the joys of working in the Australian Baseball League with no field tarps. It has been raining for 24 hours and therefore the game for tonight has been cancelled. We also had to postpone the 11am game tomorrow, which means 1 game Friday, doubleheader Saturday and 1 game Sunday. Should be an fun weekend of baseball against the Undefeated ‘Alcohol Think Again’ Perth HEAT. Hopefully this wash-out works as a “freeze the kicker” strategy.

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  1. Bridget a Berran
    November 17, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Does the alcohol think again mean that it’s a dry stadium, or is it a campaign against alcohol?
    And what’s freeze the kicker?
    Still raining here too, and getting cooler, in the 40’s today.
    Has been in the 60’s all week, really nice but now it feels like November.

    Also, I have a new wardrobe, organized your closet the other day, found some nice blouses, some with tags on!, hope you don’t mind.:)

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