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So a couple of things have led to this post, first thing:

Don’t know if you have heard but we’re kind of a big deal, and when i say “we’re” I mean UD.  All because of this women:

Elena Delle Donne

Most of you may not have heard of here but here is an “Outside The Lines” on her from ESPN and then a couple of more articles about her background & story about being recruited to UConn Women’s Basketball then playing Volleyball for Delaware all within a couple of months:



I watched her play high school ball when I was at Delaware while she was at Ursuline Academy, a perennial basketball powerhouse.  The girl once sank 100 free-throws in a row to set a Delaware state record.  She really is unlike anyone I have seen play, as she was once called the “LeBron James” of women’s basketball.  At 6’5″ she can hit from anywhere on the court, brings the ball up like a guard and can block shots with solid defense while hardly fouling out of a game.  She is routinely triple defended yet somehow her shots fall time after time, 2 games in to this season and she is averaging 37.5 points a game, this is after she was second in the nation in scoring her Freshman year and did lead the nation last year but didn’t qualify due to sitting out 20 games with lymes disease.  The men’s & women’s basketball at UD was never a huge draw while I was there but we had some decent Women’s bball teams.  They now draw 3600 people to watch Women’s basketball, we didn’t pull that many with the men’s team when I was there.  With Delle Donne there now in her Junior year this may not be the only “upset” we see this year.

Second thing: As I sit here writing this post at 3:43am and I have to get up in 2 hours and 45 minutes to get back to the ballpark for the final game of the series it reminds me of my late nights at the Bob.  While I did get to see some great events while working at the Bob Carpenter Center, (i.e. the circus, the Harlem Globetrotters, Black Eyed Peas, George Carlin, getting maced at a Kanye West concert, etc.) for 4 years we certainly put in the man hours and Bruckner can definitely account for most of that time spent.

One long night was the set up for the Lynard Skynard concert, nothing was better than having a basketball ball game at night then having a concert the next day, always loved having to set up stages for the concerts at 5am in the morning.  Me and Bruckner were sent for DnD (I miss that place) around 3am and then at 5 I drove her up to her door at Harter (yes UD I mean up to her door on the North Mall, which meant breaking some laws, but no one knew).  Those were the days and definitely got me ready for these long days at the ballpark.

I love event management & I miss the Bob Carpenter Center for a number of reasons!  Now it’s time for some shut-eye.


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  1. Katie Spillane
    November 28, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    OK, I’m just reading this now. The drive to the door was awesome – Josh and I really appreciated it. Also, the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert is the one where some girl punched me in the stomach because I asked to see her ticket. Hahaha, good times!!

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