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It’s officially Thanksgiving back in the states and after waking up to some emails from friends, seeing over 100 Facebook status updates about Thanksgiving, and Skyping with the family I have to say I wish I was home for just this one day.  Most people know I come from a pretty big family and we definitely go all out for the holidays.  There is no such thing as a “quiet” Thanksgiving or Christmas in my family.  It’s pretty interesting to be on the other side of the world and experience a small gathering for a holiday.

While I really haven’t experienced such an event, as I wouldn’t call our meal the other day Thanksgiving, I will in a month or so with Christmas and I know it’s going to be weird and I bet it’s not even going to feel like Christmas.  I’m not really complaining as I am appreciating the experience I have here and the gracious people I have met here who have welcomed me with open arms, but it’s just going to be different.

Things are going well here and I guess I am just grateful and thankful that I have the support back home to make me reflect on how much I miss everyone.  I hope everyone enjoys the last few hours of Turkey day and I look forward to spending plenty more with you all when I return.

For now the Blue Sox take on the Adelaide Bite this evening in Adelaide…Who Rocks?….

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