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Things are heating up here…


Today was the first game of our 5-game series against the Brisbane Bandits and around the bottom of the 2nd inning one of our volunteers ran up to me and goes “something exploded!”  Umm, what?  “Yes, something exploded, we heard a big bang over here.”

So i go run over to where she pointed and sure enough white smoke was billowing above the electrical box.  Unfortunately the electrical box was just below the patio outside the Pizza & Coffee vendors.  The white smoke soon turned to grey smoke, then to black smoke with more large sparks from the box.  I tried to politely ask all the people on the pizza line to go back to their seats as the black smoke poured out, but got a few:

customer: “but i just ordered to pizzas,”

me: “yes ma’am, they will find you or you can come back in a little bit.”

customer: “but i just ordered”

me: “do you see the black smoke and smell the burning wires beneath us?”

customer: “but i want my pizza”

me turning to the coffee vendor who has black smoke in his face, “jason, you may want to get out of there”

customer at the coffee vendor: “excuse me is that coffee done” (as she picks it up and walks back to get her pizza with poor jason covering his face)

I turned in to New Yorker Aileen real quick and forced these people out of there as black smoke entered the stadium.


All of a sudden two of the stadium light posts went out and the came was suspended until tomorrow.  O the joys of working in baseball.  Doubleheader tomorrow anddd doubleheader Saturday, then final game Sunday…BRING IT!


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  1. Nora
    December 1, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Your uncles would be proud! I’m proud of you, I would have left! Ha!

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