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Earth, Wind, Fire….Rain, Hail…

I can keep going and going based on what we encountered this past weekend at the ballpark.  Thursday night the transformer blew and sparked a fire, then Friday we had a 15-inning continuation of that game plus a 9-inning loss Friday night.  A coldddd front came through and it was freeeeezing at the ballpark all weekend.  Apparently it’s going to be the coldest first 5-days of Summer EVERRR RECORDED.  I can’t say i dislike it because it is December but I hope it isn’t like this on my next days off.

But yea, then we had a doubleheader on Saturday as well, both 7-inning affairs and both of which we won, so we began our first winning streak since the first series of the season (yes only 2 at that point but still a streak).

Then on Sunday we had our fifth and final game at 1pm…butttt the Sydney gods had other things in mind.  Gates were to open at 11:30am and we were going to have T-ball teams playing on the field before the game.  Around 11:29pm – no joke – the heavens opened and it started hailing for about 2 minutes, then the hail turned to heavy rains for another 6 minutes.  Myself and Ashley had to help David unload some grog during this as well, and once that was said and done it was time to go check on the field.  David, our GM got out there first:

SMP Images / Joe Vella

Then the rest of the staff, Matt, Jess & Ashley followed close behind:

I was also out there but there was no more brooms to be found


We had to take control as the Venue Management people thought they should wait a half hour for it to soak in.  We had too much experience with the rain that we knew it would never “soak in” and we wanted to get this game in.  So after squeegeeing the field we dropped some Diamond Dry out there.  About 20 minutes later we looked at the radar and found out another storm was supposed to come through, soooo we finally decided to use the tarp for the first time:

Only took about 15 or so people...



It was an interesting exercise and now I can put field maintenance/crew on my resume.

O and by the way, we had no sandbags (yes you read that right), so we all stood out there on the tarp as the heavens opened again and the wind picked up.  Stood out there for about an hour, it was one hell of a day!

Around 2pm the rain stopped and the decision was finally made to get the tarp off and get in 7-innings of play.  So that is when things got interesting (if u didn’t think the squeegeeing by the GM was enough).  While it only took 15 people to get the tarp on, with all the rain on the tarp we needed to get all “able-bodied males” (i took offence to that as myself, jess and ashley participated in all of this), down on to the field to help pull the tarp off and roll it up again.

All of this footage is on our UStream channel:

Unrolling the tarp

And Rolling it back up…

Please take some time to take a look as it is pretty entertaining, such a different way of doing this that in the states as we don’t have the big roll that the Major Leagues have.  Such an experience and we beat Canberra’s time of 35 minutes….only took us 14 minutes to get the tarp off (HOLLER!)  We seriously have the best fans in the league, some Bandits fans helped as well, so thank you!

After this experiment we started the game by 3:10 and were supposed to play 7-innings.  But of course Brisbane no-hit us into the bottom of the 7th when they were up 7 innings.  Our bats finally woke up in the “last” inning and we tied it up at 1-1 by the end of the 7th.  To extra innings we went and in the 10th inning we finally won it 2-1 on a Brandon Barnes walk-off single.

It was seriously one of the most entertaining games I have ever worked.  As by the end of the 7th Jess no longer had to do promotions so we all stood by the function room and got to enjoy the game of baseball for the first time all season.  We did the chicken dance and some other random dances and were basically delirious by the end of the game.  The win didn’t hurt the atmosphere and after a long 5-game series, the Blue Sox were able to pick up 4-wins and we finally got through the long weekend with 46 innings played in just under 3 days.

Worked today, but off tomorrow, so goodnight moon.  I hope you can follow along with the story because it was a blast!


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  1. Tracy berran
    December 5, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Wow, you can’t make this stuff up!!! Unbelievable! Great job Blue Sox fans!

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