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Rain outs…

Just as we had hoped, the final game of the exhibition series was rained out.  But not until after we all made our way out to the ballpark.  Got out there around noon, watched the guys play some cricket in front of the dugout for their warmup.  I should share some video of this soon, but here’s a glimpse of the happenings around the stadium…all footage and editing are courtesy of my colleague Ashley:



So yes another Sunday with rain and only 9 more games left…for the home games at least.  We have Canberra this coming weekend, which equals no off days until next week.  But then we have a long break until the final home series which isn’t until January 15-18th.  So hopefully I will be able to enjoy Australia for a bit, with my mom’s visit (headed up to Cairns and Fraser Island with her for a bit), and a trip down to Canberra to watch the Sox take on the Cavalry the first weekend of January.  Can’t believe I’ve been here for 3 months already, time flies when you’re working your butt off and having fun.

There’s definitely  a different dynamic in our office now and it can’t really get much better.  As you can see by the lil excerpt in the video we all have a good time, and I believe Reece Mastin will forever remind me of the Blue Sox…thanks Ash!

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