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Six in a Row…

And we continue the winning streak, boasting an 11-0 game tonight which actually sounds much worse than it was.  I really couldn’t tell you what happened in the game (except a Boss Moanaroa dinger in the 8th inning).  Today we were short some vollies (volunteers), so myself and Ashley had to help with a lot of promotional and on-field stuff with Jess.  Therefore I was either running to figure out what was next, signing kids up for on-field entertainment or making sure the photographers were getting all the right shots.

We also have Aussie T-Ball before the game, so that brought a different realm of things, including the National Anthem Baseball Buddies afterwards.  I was able to “see” the Boss homer as I was waiting underneath the bleachers to bring the kids out for the Schoe Scramble:

This one was 10x better than the drunk guys we had the night before tackling each other on the outfield grass.  At least this time the kids knew they had to get off the field….o the joys of working here.

But yes, we have won 6 in a row, and the boys have the holiay off before they head to Melbourne for an important New Years eve weekend.  This job is always a learning experience, one I will treasure.

We were able to let off some steam tonight as well after the game, some bowling (yes i won have no fear) and some drinks were on the menu.  Had a good time with some “special” people.  More next time..

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