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Creatures of Australia

So Australia is known to have some creepy crawlers, especially spiders, but on my trip up to Queensland with my mom I came across some different species.

At the Great Barrier Reef I did some snorkelling (highlight of my trip!) at the reef and came across numerous amounts of fish.  I want to thank whoever taught me how to swim, because after seeing how many people stayed close to the pontoon and had to wear life vests I welcomes the opportunity to venture further away and experience the outer reaches of the boundaries.

I may have even mistakenly gone past the buoys/ropes without even knowing and was whistled at by the lifeguards, oops.

The colours of the fish and corral were amazing.  However I did have a minor scare when I was about 10 feet away from a shark…yes I swam with a shark.  A white-finned shark to be exact.  I kind of froze and tried to swim away but it kept going in the same direction I was going.  Fortunately it stayed low at the bottom of the ocean so I did not go diving for about 3 minutes until it finally left.  I also saw some stingrays, which were sweet too.

After the Great Barrier Reef we headed down to Fraser Island.  A place I have wanted to go ever since I left in 2006.   I studied abroad in Australia when I was at Delaware my senior year.  I was here for 5 weeks and stayed in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  One of our excursions while in Brisbane was to a sand island called Fraser Island.  I knew nothing about it until I showed up and I fell in love.  Here are some pictures:

Driving in the 4x4 on the sand roads


There are signs everywhere to beware of dingoes:


And guess what?  I saw one!


Well now it’s back to Sydney and now its just baseball players and some reptiles.  Bahh humbug!

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