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Fraser Island

The history behind the island is pretty interesting.  A husband and wife, James and … Fraser ventured from Byron Bay back to England when they ship ran ashore at an island just north of Fraser Island.  They jumped in their row-boat and it came ashore on Fraser Island.  James was quickly killed by the native Aborigines and Fraser lived with the natives for a number of years before she was able to escape and find some white men.  Because of her ability to live among those that would have rather killed her the island was named for her and her husband.

The island is purely a sand island that was formed over hundreds of thousands of years as winds, waves and ocean currents have carried sands from the far south-east of Australia, and from as far away as Antarctica (but before Australian and Antarctica split from each other), out to the continental shelf, and in towards the land again in a zigzag pattern, to form a string of sand islands along the Queensland coast.

There is plenty of trees and plants on the island, and there are forests and rainforests at the center of the island.  The West side of the island holds the Kingfisher Bay Resort where we stayed and has the mangroves.  In order to drive on the island you must have a 4×4 vehicle due to treacherous sand.  It is truly an experience to drive through the forest and come out on the East Side of the island on the 75-mile highway (it is what is says, 75-miles of pure beach which you can drive on).  Waves crashing on your right as you head north and then on your left as you head back south to the resort.  Creeks, Sand dunes, shipwrecks and rock pools greet you left and right along the way.  Planes take off and land directly on the beach and it’s just beautiful.

We rented a 4×4 to drive, but they gave me a manual car (which I can not drive and always said I needed to learn – im from Brooklyn, we don’t drive stick there).  Therefore after 2 hours of pleading with them and letting them know it was their mistake since I asked for an automatic, they offered to give us a driver for the day who would bring us anywhere we wanted.  It turned a pretty bad morning in to a beautiful day.

With Chris as our driver we headed up to the Pinnacles, then the Moheno shipwreck, to Eli Creek, to Eulong Resort for some meat pies, and then to Lake McKenzie (the highlight!).  We also went to the McKenzie jetty and finally back to the resort where we caught the sunset from the jetty.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.  Pure beauty!

I highly recommend visiting if you ever find yourself down under.

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