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Back to baseball

So after gallivanting around Australia for the past few weeks – first my trip to Queensland with the mum and then down to Canberra for the away series with the Blue Sox it is back to work.

Once mom left I headed down to Canberra to catch the boys in action as they took on the Cavalry.  It was the first time the Blue Sox staff was able to actually sit down and enjoy some baseball this whole season, so while the outcomes weren’t too great (we got swept) we had a good time.  It was just nice to be able to sit back, get a bit of a burn, and cheer on the boys I have worked with all season.  It was also nice to see yet another state of Australia (ACT – Australian Capital Territory) and see a bit of the Australian capital.  Yes Canberra is the capital, not Sydney!  I was told it was not going to be much of anything, but it kind of reminded me of DC a bit, as a lake flows through the middle of the city and there are a few bridges that stretch across it from side to side.  We also got a chance to go out a couple of nights and we made the most of what the city had to offer.

Now this week we are back in the office as we get ready for our last regular season home series.  Can’t believe how time has flown, but this will be our last home series.  We do have the chance of hosting playoff series, but we must come in either 2nd of 3rd and right now we are in a 3-way tie for 3rd with Melbourne and Adelaide.  Perth has all but clinched the top spot as they are 9 games up on second place and their magic number is 1…so win 1 and they get home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The ABL has some strange rules for the playoff structure as 1 plays 2 in the first round and 3 plays 4.

First Round:  1 vs. 2 (at 1)   &  3 vs. 4 (at 3)

Second Round: Winner of 1 vs. 2 gets a bye  & Loser of 1 vs. 2 round 1 –  plays the winner of 3 vs. 4  (at 1 or 2)

Final:  Winner of 1 vs 2 in first round players winner of Second Round game for the championship (at their home ground)

Therefore if we come in 2nd place we can host the second round and if we come in 3rd we can host the first round.  It basically gives the 1 & 2 seeds a chance to play more than 1 playoff series, which I think is weird but whatever.


So the games begin tomorrow, we start a 5-game series against the Adelaide Bite, and hopefully we have a bit more fun like we did in December:

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  1. Dad
    January 10, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    good luck

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