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Playoffs in Adelaide

So I just got back from an impromptu trip to Adelaide.  Since the team made the playoffs with the #4 seed we had to face the Adelaide Bite in Adelaide this past weekend.  Last Wednesday at work; myself, and my colleagues Matt and Ashley were discussing what we were going to do over the weekend.  Sydney was supposed to get rained on so at 3.30pm we decided to drive to Adelaide to catch the playoff series.

We hopped in the car around 8.30pm and drove the 14 hours overnight and arrived in Adelaide on Thursday morning.  After a quick power nap we headed to the ballpark and watched the team win 5-3.  They then lost on Friday evening, but swept a doubleheader on Sunday to take the series.  So it was well worth the trip.

You may be thinking what happened to Saturday?  Well we started a game and were winning 8-0 in the third but then rain came through the area and when it finished and they were getting the field ready again the lights went out in the stadium.  Due to a MLB rule since the game was technically still in a rain delay and we were unable to get the lights running again the game was postponed due to rain.  Therefore we had to restart the game, the one where we were killing them 8-0, and play again on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily the boys came through again and won 10-4 in game 3 and then won a nail-biting 1-0 game for the series win.

The games were great and now we’re allowed to travel to Melbourne to see them take on the Aces in Round 2.  The winner of this series which starts Wednesday will head to Perth to face the Heat in the championship series.

Nothing better than traveling around the country and watching some baseball.  The Blue Sox are a great bunch of guys and they appreciated us taking the long drive down there.  It wasn’t all baseball though.  We had some time to ourselves to check out the beach and some other parts of Adelaide.  It is a great little city right on the coast, here are some pics:

Glenelg Beach


Coopers Stadium @ Norwood Oval


Baseball in twilight hours..


View of Adelaide from Mt. Lofty

Another view of Adelaide from up above


Rainbow after the rain at Norwood Oval

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  1. Bridget a Berran
    January 30, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    the country is prettier and prettier…..glad you went and had a good time….

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