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Things I like…

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

1. The sites of Australia, especially this thing:

2. The freedom that this:

allows you to have.  My friend Ashley and I continuously have this conversation about how we miss our cars so much.  We both live in places that has access to a train but it is not the easiest thing and it’s about a mile walk to the nearest store.  I just miss the ability to jump in my car and go pick up a carton of milk.  Whenever I get home I will be jumping in my car and taking a drive.  I don’t know where but it will just be nice to have the freedom to do so.

3. These guys:


4.  UD Women’s Bball – who are now 25-1 after yet another win today and are the #8/9 ranked team in the nation.  O and have I mentioned we have the nation’s leading scorer in Elena Delle Donne (28.1 pts per game)?  I also love the fact I have had the chance to watch about 50% of the games this season.

5. March Madness – which leads me to note that I am upset I will be missing a lot of this year, but I will try to find it somehow. there are enough Americans here, I’m sure we’ll figure something out.


6. And finally bed time…which it is – gnite!

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Life Update…

February 22, 2012 1 comment

So it looks like I’m staying for at least another month.  The offer was put on the table for me to stay on and help both the Blue Sox and the Australian Baseball League head office over the next couple of months.  So the flight is about to be changed and I will be seeing a little bit more of this:


and this:


I hope to get to work more from the CBD (Central Business District) where the league office is, as the commute is easier and shorter.  Only a 35 minute train and walk as opposed to at least an hour by car.  I don’t have an official role yet, but will let you know as we are switching gears and lots of strategy and planning needs to be accomplished.  I think I am going to like this transition and the ability to work with new people.

Perhaps I will be home for Mets Opening day on April 5th…but I can’t promise anything

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Things I will bring back from Australia…

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

So even though I don’t know when I am coming back (i may know tomorrow after I speak with my boss at work), I  have been thinking about aspects of my life here in Australia that I will bring back to America, or wish I could.

I have had numerous posts about the language differences here in Oz, and even though I find most of it annoying and unwarranted there are a couple of things I would like to integrate in to my life back home.

#1 – Macca’s (aka McDonalds).  Although I don’t eat their often it is one of my favorite Australian terms.  At first I was not a fan, but it definitely grew on me, and it’s got less syllables than Mickey D’s.  So yes this will be used in the future.

#2 – Cadbury chocolate, im not saying Hershey’s is bad, but Cadbury is out of this world.  We can throw Tim Tam’s in there too.

#3 – “Good On Ya” and “Sweet as” – just some good quality sayings, and the term Mate will be needed at the end of that

#4 – “Fair dinkum” or what I thought was “Faired-Income” – This is an old Aussie term used by my 2 bosses about 20 times a day.  It was annoying at first, but it is yet another thing that grows on you and you begin to use it yourself.  It can be said basically at any point in time, usually if you are mad at someone, or frustrated or just happy, you just gotta go with it.

#5 – Baseball in winter time – o wait I kind of do that with softball back home

#6 – The Australian landscape – from the beaches near sydney, to the mountains out west, to the tropics in Cairns…it is just a gorgeous country

#7  – All (or most) of the people I have met here – hopefully I can fit them in my luggage and keep it under 23kg

#8 – the metric system – get ready for some kilograms, litres, and kilometres.

#9 – the words favourite, centre and honour.  They come as second nature now when I type stories, so yes Australia has made my spelling even worse…didn’t think it was possible.  Maybe I don’t want to integrate this in my life back in the states…


So maybe I might not be able to bring this all with me, but if I could I would.

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5 months and 7 days…

February 19, 2012 1 comment

It has been 5 months and 7 days since I landed in Australia.  It has been an unbelievable experience and I have a lot of people to thank for that.  First and foremost my family who have sent packages and words of encouragement throughout my time here.  Simple conversations and emails have made life 10x easier here knowing that they are 100% behind me.

Secondly to my friends who have done the same.  One of the best things in life is the feeling you have after a great conversation with someone who knows you so well.  The conversation doesn’t have to be about anything important, but just talking with someone who speaks your language and has stuck by you through so much provides so much when you are 10,000 miles away.  I have met some great people here who I will remain friends with even when my time here is done, but they were strangers just months ago.

So this is a simple thank you to everyone back home.  I know I am not an easy person to deal with and the uncertainty that comes along with this position (even as I type this I don’t know if I am headed home in a week or not) does not help with my lack of communication.  I like to do things my way, so thank you for allowing me to spread my wings over the past few months, as the journey has been much easier knowing there are people on the ground for me when I decide to come back home.

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Some highlights of the past few weeks…

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

#1 – has to be our impromptu trip to Adelaide.  It had been a long regular season and even though we lost Jess as she headed out to Perth before she headed back home, myself, Matt and Ashley were all up for a bit of a road trip.  Thanks to Matt we were able to hop in a car at 8.30pm on a Wednesday night and get to Adelaide 14-hours later at 10.30am on Thursday morning.  Adelaide was great, the road trip was fantastic and even though we may have thought we knew each other before it truly was a great bonding experience for the 3 of us.

#2 – The Trip to Melbourne was a totally different bonding experience.  We were there to help the Aces staff and we did just that.  We showed our work ethic and were able to show our value to a lot of people.  At the end of the day we were proud of what we could accomplish and we made some good friends along the way.  Even though we may not have seen as much as Melbourne as we would have liked we did get to enjoy some Casino time, which is always a plus in my books.  O and we got to experience Ashley getting ID’d 4 times in one night, in the same place.  The drinking/gambling age may be 18, but yes the 24-yr old got ID’d on 4 different occasions in a span of 8 hours, another plus for Melbourne.

#3 – Un-ABL related – the UD Women’s Bball team is now ranked #10 in the nation:  At 22-1 the Blue Hens are working their way up the rankings with the Nations Leading Scorer in Elena Delle Donne.  She leads the team, but they are truly a team, and I can’t wait to see how far they go this season.

#4 – Having no idea what my future holds.  The season has ended and we have pretty much finished breaking down the stadium.  Currently we are working on getting members to sign up for next season and determining sponsorship packages that we can offer.  I have a flight booked for the 27th of February, but since I have nothing lined up back home just yet, if the opportunity rises here I may look to stay for a few more months.  The ABL has taught me a lot, but most of all it has taught me flexibility.  I am a planner and like to be on top of everything, but SDSU Sports MBA and the ABL have broken me down a bit, and I am just waiting it out.

#5 – Kelly Clarkson going to #1 on the Billboard charts & performing at the Grammy’s.  C’mon did you really think I’d get through a blog post of highlights without mentioning her?

#6 – What Ashley introduced me to today:  Hilarity:

That is all for now, I will provide some life updates when I know anything

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It’s been a while…

February 14, 2012 2 comments

Sorry for the delay in posts, but it’s been a hectic time.  Last time I wrote I had just got back from Adelaide, South Australia.  Well the team won there, so they went to Melbourne the next series and myself, Matt and Ashley were off with them.  This time instead of an impromptu road 14-hour road trip we flew down there.

Melbourne is in the state of Victoria and is about a 10 hour drive from Sydney but only an hour 15 in a plane.  The series was from Wednesday – Sunday and we got there Wednesday morning.  We helped out at the ballpark:

Melbourne Showgrounds

Which has some interesting dimensions of just 260 feet down the right field line.  It leads the league by far with number of homeruns hit in the season.  I’m guestimating here but there were over 60 hit here but only 11 hit at Blue Sox Stadium in Sydney during the season.  So yes, to say it’s a hitter’s park would be putting it lightly.

We were down in Melbourne to help out the Aces staff in any capacity, so I helped out in the ticket booth all 4 days, Ashley helped with the gate and some VIP areas and Matt helped with the video streaming and some grounds crew.  The Blue Sox won Wednesday and Friday and Melbourne won Thursday, so headed in to the final day the Blue Sox were up 2-1 and needed just one game on the last day.  However after some torrential downpours and a two-hour delay in game 4, the Blue Sox were beaten badly 27-9 in games 4 and 5 combined and lost the series.  It was a tough way to end the season, but all in all it was a good trip.

We hit up the casino with some friends Friday night, did some promotional marketing around the city all day Saturday, and watched the Superbowl on Monday morning in the Casino before we got our flight back home.  Our GM was down there with us too, and we were all very productive and hopefully helpful with the Melbourne staff.  It helps when we all get along, and it seriously wouldn’t have been the same without them.

It was just a great season and going on the road with the team for those last two trips was just fantastic.  We were all looking forward to going to Perth for the Championship series, but unfortunately we fell one game short.  Instead Melbourne went to Perth for the Championship series this past weekend and put up a great fight but the Perth Heat won 2-games-to-1 and won the championship for the second year in a row.  Games 2 and 3 each went to 13-innings each and there was some dominant pitching showed.  Such a great show for Australian baseball as the games were telecast on Fox Sports in Australia and on the MLB Network in the states.  I am proud to say I work in the Australian Baseball League.




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