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Some highlights of the past few weeks…

#1 – has to be our impromptu trip to Adelaide.  It had been a long regular season and even though we lost Jess as she headed out to Perth before she headed back home, myself, Matt and Ashley were all up for a bit of a road trip.  Thanks to Matt we were able to hop in a car at 8.30pm on a Wednesday night and get to Adelaide 14-hours later at 10.30am on Thursday morning.  Adelaide was great, the road trip was fantastic and even though we may have thought we knew each other before it truly was a great bonding experience for the 3 of us.

#2 – The Trip to Melbourne was a totally different bonding experience.  We were there to help the Aces staff and we did just that.  We showed our work ethic and were able to show our value to a lot of people.  At the end of the day we were proud of what we could accomplish and we made some good friends along the way.  Even though we may not have seen as much as Melbourne as we would have liked we did get to enjoy some Casino time, which is always a plus in my books.  O and we got to experience Ashley getting ID’d 4 times in one night, in the same place.  The drinking/gambling age may be 18, but yes the 24-yr old got ID’d on 4 different occasions in a span of 8 hours, another plus for Melbourne.

#3 – Un-ABL related – the UD Women’s Bball team is now ranked #10 in the nation:  http://espn.go.com/womens-college-basketball/rankings.  At 22-1 the Blue Hens are working their way up the rankings with the Nations Leading Scorer in Elena Delle Donne.  She leads the team, but they are truly a team, and I can’t wait to see how far they go this season.

#4 – Having no idea what my future holds.  The season has ended and we have pretty much finished breaking down the stadium.  Currently we are working on getting members to sign up for next season and determining sponsorship packages that we can offer.  I have a flight booked for the 27th of February, but since I have nothing lined up back home just yet, if the opportunity rises here I may look to stay for a few more months.  The ABL has taught me a lot, but most of all it has taught me flexibility.  I am a planner and like to be on top of everything, but SDSU Sports MBA and the ABL have broken me down a bit, and I am just waiting it out.

#5 – Kelly Clarkson going to #1 on the Billboard charts & performing at the Grammy’s.  C’mon did you really think I’d get through a blog post of highlights without mentioning her?

#6 – What Ashley introduced me to today:  Hilarity:

That is all for now, I will provide some life updates when I know anything

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