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Things I will bring back from Australia…

So even though I don’t know when I am coming back (i may know tomorrow after I speak with my boss at work), I  have been thinking about aspects of my life here in Australia that I will bring back to America, or wish I could.

I have had numerous posts about the language differences here in Oz, and even though I find most of it annoying and unwarranted there are a couple of things I would like to integrate in to my life back home.

#1 – Macca’s (aka McDonalds).  Although I don’t eat their often it is one of my favorite Australian terms.  At first I was not a fan, but it definitely grew on me, and it’s got less syllables than Mickey D’s.  So yes this will be used in the future.

#2 – Cadbury chocolate, im not saying Hershey’s is bad, but Cadbury is out of this world.  We can throw Tim Tam’s in there too.

#3 – “Good On Ya” and “Sweet as” – just some good quality sayings, and the term Mate will be needed at the end of that

#4 – “Fair dinkum” or what I thought was “Faired-Income” – This is an old Aussie term used by my 2 bosses about 20 times a day.  It was annoying at first, but it is yet another thing that grows on you and you begin to use it yourself.  It can be said basically at any point in time, usually if you are mad at someone, or frustrated or just happy, you just gotta go with it.

#5 – Baseball in winter time – o wait I kind of do that with softball back home

#6 – The Australian landscape – from the beaches near sydney, to the mountains out west, to the tropics in Cairns…it is just a gorgeous country

#7  – All (or most) of the people I have met here – hopefully I can fit them in my luggage and keep it under 23kg

#8 – the metric system – get ready for some kilograms, litres, and kilometres.

#9 – the words favourite, centre and honour.  They come as second nature now when I type stories, so yes Australia has made my spelling even worse…didn’t think it was possible.  Maybe I don’t want to integrate this in my life back in the states…


So maybe I might not be able to bring this all with me, but if I could I would.

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