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Things I like…

1. The sites of Australia, especially this thing:

2. The freedom that this:

allows you to have.  My friend Ashley and I continuously have this conversation about how we miss our cars so much.  We both live in places that has access to a train but it is not the easiest thing and it’s about a mile walk to the nearest store.  I just miss the ability to jump in my car and go pick up a carton of milk.  Whenever I get home I will be jumping in my car and taking a drive.  I don’t know where but it will just be nice to have the freedom to do so.

3. These guys:



4.  UD Women’s Bball – who are now 25-1 after yet another win today and are the #8/9 ranked team in the nation.  O and have I mentioned we have the nation’s leading scorer in Elena Delle Donne (28.1 pts per game)?  I also love the fact I have had the chance to watch about 50% of the games this season.

5. March Madness – which leads me to note that I am upset I will be missing a lot of this year, but I will try to find it somehow. there are enough Americans here, I’m sure we’ll figure something out.


6. And finally bed time…which it is – gnite!

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