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so it continues…

First things first…please take a look at this recap of Delaware’s 20 point win over Old Dominion today, and if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, do yourself a favour and at least click on the link and watch from 3:05 on…it’s worth a glimpse of Elena Delle Donne’s talent…


Second this is just a bit of a “yes I am still here” blog.  I’ve continued to work with the Blue Sox the past couple of weeks.  When I originally extended my stay by at least a month, I was expecting to be able to help out the Head Office of the ABL in the city with a few things.  Unfortunately that did not come to fruition, but I am still helping the Blue Sox with some off season necessities.

This week I worked on editing/creating Operations and Financial manuals for the organisation.  The guides/manuals from last year are minimal so we are trying to get things in order now.  The goal is to be able to write it so that an alien can come in and be able to know what to do from square one.  And yes I will continue to write in Australian English until I return.

I am also keeping tabs on how the Aussies are doing over in Spring Training now, and our best player Brandon Barnes is currently in Houston Astros camp and today/yesterday he managed his first hit of the year, a single to centrefield…hopefully everyone gets to see his talents sometime in the big leagues this season.

The plan right now is to come back to the states in 25 days….so who wants to step up and offer me a job to come home to? (preferably in the sports/entertainment industry)

Anyone have any questions or things they want from Australia?

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