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All good things must come to an end…

The dream season is over…unfortunately Kansas beat the Lady Blue Hens today 70-64.  It was a tough tough game to lose, but this is one season that no one will forget.  One of the best things about the NCAA tournament was that Delaware got a chance to showcase their skills to a National Audience.  A lot has been said about how Delaware is a mid-major since they play in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), and no one wanted to believe the hype about Elena Delle Donne who led the nation in scoring at 27.3 points per game.

Well after her first 2 NCAA tourney appearances and first two nationally televised games she can now say she scored 73 points, brought down 21 rebounds and blocked 5 shots in 70 minutes of play.  After scoring 39 against Arkansas – Little Rock in the first game she followed it up with an even more impressive 34 point performance as she was heavily guarded by 2-3 defenders every time she touched the ball.  She earned a tweet from Kevin Durant and definitely gained more Twitter followers based on her game.  People now understand the hype, which is well deserved.

I also have to say I am impressed with the Delaware Media Relations coverage of this season, without them I wouldn’t have been able to see more than half of the games which are broadcast live at home, and their extended coverage during the NCAA tournament has been impressive.  Delle Donne’s family story has been told over and over by the National Media, but the UD Multimedia Director was able to give us a behind the scenes take on the teams travels as well.  Here’s one of the videos they put together featuring Elena and senior guard Meghan McLean while in Little Rock:


Friendship is one of the best things gained from team sports, and the Delaware Media Relations department deserves a big hand for giving us an insight to the personalities of the Blue Hen team.  It sure was a magical season and I am just glad I was able to follow along from 10,000 miles away.

The starting 5 will be back next season, and I will be sure to get down to Newark for a few of those games.  #EyesForward to next season!

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