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Life Lessons..

It’s been almost 7 months away from home and sometimes I find myself thinking “would I have taken this opportunity back before their was Facebook?”  When I switched to the new “timeline” in Facebook I saw that I signed up for it back in October of 2004, yes back when you had to Click on the hyperlink of the University you attended in order to sign in, and it was call “TheFacebook:”

You can see Delaware added with the likes of some other big Universities

Back then you didn’t join networks, or build photo albums, you couldn’t even write on someone’s wall.  It was truly your page with some brief information and a picture.  And you can search for other people and ask to be friends, it really wasn’t that exciting.  You could only connect with people if they went to one of the chosen schools and then schools began to petition to get on.  It wasn’t until late 2005 when you could begin to post photos and the wall function was added.

This wasn’t meant to be a “back in the good ole days,” or “the Facebook i once knew..” story, instead I think, would I have come over here when there wasn’t this sense of comfort in social media where I feel like I can keep up with everyone’s lives every morning by just signing online and clicking on my keypad.  I am able to type out a few messages and it makes me feel like I am not missing out on everything back home.  While I may be away for 7 months I don’t feel as I am totally out of the loop.  While Facebook isn’t the direct replacement for actually being there it does help ease the sense of “not belonging.”

So yes while I am adventurous and I sometimes wander down the path less taken I wonder if I would be this way if I was born a decade earlier.  I probably would have done something, but who knows if it would be this far and for this long.  But thanks to this experience I now know why the iPhone and 3G were the best inventions ever…only 8 more days till I get to turn that puppy off Airplane mode  =)

And thanks to Facebook this morning I came across a very good article about “12 Life Lessons Learned in 12 Years on the Road:”

My favourites are “Life is change.  You must embrace it,” “It’s the small, free things that matter most in life,” “Everyone’s story is more complicated than it seems,”

and the best one: “The truth is always the best choice” – anyone who knows me knows that you do not ask me a question if you don’t want to hear the truth, or sometimes I will just provide you the truth without the question being asked….

I can hear this playing right now:


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  1. Tracy
    March 26, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    The truth is always the best choice!

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